In the News

Following are selected news stories from across the country covering NIET’s projects and partnerships:

Somerset's gains bear examination
San Antonio Express-News
(San Antonio, Texas)
Sep 10 2014
Somerset says linking teacher pay to performance works
San Antonio Express News
(San Antonio, Texas)
Aug 31 2014
Commentary: Woe on Lake Wobegon: Indiana’s teacher evaluation system needs fix
Indianapolis Star
(Indianapolis, Indiana)
Apr 18 2014
Report says poor and minority students have more ineffective teachers
The Advocate
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Apr 11 2014
Commentary: TAP-ping into better education
Times and Democrata
(Orangeburg, SC)
Apr 09 2014
TAP takes teachers, students to the next level
The Jonesboro Sun
(Jonesboro, Arkansas)
Mar 24 2014
DV District’s improved scores come with challenges
Arizona Republic
(Phoenix, AZ)
Sep 23 2013
Rep. Grijalva visit to school highlights success of ASU Teachers College grant
ASU News
Arizona State University
(Tempe, AZ)
Aug 29 2013

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